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The Christmas Eve Letter by Elyse Douglas


The Christmas Eve Letter by Elyse Douglas is the most delightful time slip novel. It is the first book in the Time Travel Novel series and I cannot wait to read more, more, more. In spite of the title, this book is a perfect read all year round.

The action is set from October to Christmas, moving from 2016 to 1885 in the most incredible way. I always love time slip novels. Here, the wrongs of the past need to be righted. What will the effect be on the future? Love is the motivation, love and a romantic heart.

In 1885 women were definitely seen as second class citizens to be used and discarded by men. A female doctor is viewed with suspicion. It’s okay for females to be nurses, but a doctor is seen as men’s work! Add a very modern miss to this mix and see how things are shaken up.

There is the theme of trust. Having done research, there are certain people the heroine knows not to trust, but what about the others?

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