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The Christmas Eve Daughter by Elyse Douglas

In A One Horse Open Sleigh

The Christmas Eve Daughter by Elyse Douglas is the most delightful timeslip novel and the second book in A Time Travel Novel series. I would recommend reading The Christmas Eve Letter, book one first as you will receive the back story.

Once more the reader follows Patrick and Eve as they undertake a search and rescue mission. The pair are transported from present day to 1914. The reader becomes totally immersed in a bygone age – an age where horse-drawn carriages are more popular than horse power vehicles.

With a December setting the snow adds to the atmosphere, giving a nostalgic and romantic feel to the novel. In reality New York City was a precarious place to be in 1914. There is huge poverty and a wide gap between rich and poor. People are vulnerable as thugs traverse the city.

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