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Gathering Courage by T.A McMullin

Acts Of Kindness

Gathering Courage by T.A McMullin is a heartfelt account of the journey through adoption, fostering and life. Terry McMullin is honest with her highs and lows, her loves, her losses and her constant faith in a God who loves her unconditionally.

Born in the Edna Gladney home in Texas, I immediately connected with Terry’s story. I have seen the film Blossoms In The Dust (Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon) that tells the story of Edna Gladney. I ‘saw’ Terry for the darling little baby she was. In making this connection, Gathering Courage really came alive for me. It became personal. I ‘felt’ deeply for all that Terry went through.

Terry McMullin writes about her struggles with dyslexia – unknown in her childhood so she was labelled ‘stupid.’ There is a marvellous section on dyslexia saying what it is and what it isn’t. It’s very powerful.

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