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Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst

Of Love And Loyalty

Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst is the heart-warming story of the rescue and recovery of a young Staffie named Buddy who was abused.

Staffie’s get a very bad press but they are loyal and loving (I have known a few). Buddy was rescued by Nicola Owst and with her love and care he was nursed back to life. Buddy gave joy to all those around him – he also has his own Facebook page. Buddy is an ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere.

We also hear Nicola Owst’s own story. Hers was similar to Buddy’s in that she needed to be rescued from her situation. Together Buddy and Nicola Owst came back to life. They rescued each other.

I loved the inclusion of photos of Buddy. It enables the reader to make a real connection with him. I only had the photos in black and white on the kindle. I imagine the paperback version will be even better.

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