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The Last Concerto by Sara Alexander

Thank You For The Music

The Last Concerto by Sara Alexander is a marvellous contemporary novel about the all consuming passion for music.

The novel opens in 1968 and moves forward chronologically as we follow the life of a young pianist. The talent to create music lay dormant until it was awakened and then music took over a life. The desire and dream to create music takes the reader from Sardinia to Rome as we follow the passion. Music is more than just playing notes, it is putting your heart and soul into every piece. Music unites people.

Within the novel there are sacrifices to be made. Relationships fracture as the desire to create music is not understood.

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The Secret Legacy by Sara Alexander

Sacrificial Love

The Secret Legacy by Sara Alexander is an epic historical family novel that transports the reader to 1950’s Italy.

Wonderful comprehensive descriptions bring the landscape to life for the reader. We are enveloped in warmth and sunshine, with expectations of laughter.

The novel is about love and loss, sacrifice and letting go – knowing when to step forward and when to hold back. there are loves that consume. One is obsessive to the exclusion of all else, the other bubbles away in the background.

There is the difficult theme of mental illness. It is managed with love, care, kindness and gentleness.

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