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Unwrapping Hope by Sandra Ardoin

God’s Plans

Unwrapping Hope by Sandra Ardoin is the most charming Christian historical novella.

The story has the theme of fathers. Our earthly fathers may let us down but there is our faithful heavenly Father who longs for us to come to Him and rest in Him.

Linked to this is the theme of taking care of the widows and orphans. Within the novel characters with huge hearts care for those who have less. The reader is reminded that there are no orphans in God’s kingdom as He adopts us all into His family.

We need to trust God and go with His plans rather than forcing through our own. “If the door… shut, he trusted God had a better plan.”

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A Love Most Worthy by Sandra Ardoin

True Treasure And Inheritance

A Love Most Worthy by Sandra Ardoin is a delightful historical Christian romance set in 1900. It was a time of the gold rush.Miners flocked to the areas to get rich quick. Gold blinded them. True treasure is always found in people and not stuff.

The novel is about discovering our worth. Words spoken over us in the past, either by others or even ourselves do not define us. We need to know who we are in God.

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