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One Summer In Rome by Samantha Tonge

Are You Nodding?

One Summer In Rome by Samantha Tonge is a wonderful contemporary novel that focuses on kindness, family and belonging.

The reader escapes for a few hours to the sights, sounds and smells of Rome. Tantalizing descriptions enable the reader to ‘see’ the pizzeria’s and almost touch the delicacies on offer.

The story is about family. We all long to belong. Family chooses to love and to protect all members. Family encourages. “We all have the potential to achieve whatever we want.” Family are those we choose to have in our inner circle.

We are all fighting battles from the past – consuming ourselves with guilt, regret or longing. “There is nothing comfortable about regrets.” The past is gone. “Dwelling on the past serves no purpose.” We need to put down our baggage and move forward.

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