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A Rumor Of Roses by Sally Klein O’Connor

The Power Of Love

A Rumor Of Roses by Sally Klein O’Connor is a powerful book about God’s love that heals the hurt and the power of forgiveness.

Sally Klein O’Connor is a Jewish lady who loves Jesus. She wants to help heal the nations that are torn apart. She undertakes “a tour of roses” in places of conflict – the concentration camps of Europe, Ireland on Orange Day and Palestine. She gives out roses in the name of God’s love.

The author’s first visit to the concentration camps was in 2007. She wondered “How can You [God] be in this place? I Am. I Was. And I will be.” God is always to be found with us in the dark places of life, shining His light into our hearts. For many, there is no distinction between Germans and Nazis. Sally Klein O’Connor seeks to heal this thought process. She “may not have the answers but desires healing.”

The memorial at Dachau reads “Never Again” but still wars and genocide happens. The Nazis were seen as monsters, doing despicable things. The author urges us to look at life “through the lens of God’s mercy.” She comments “No human being was ever created to be a monster… God’s love… can turn monsters back into men.”

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