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Trial And Error by Robert Whitlow

He Leaves The Ninety Nine

Trial And Error by Robert Whitlow is a marvellous Christian contemporary legal suspense that will consume from the start.

The main theme of the novel is searching. There is a physical search which reminds the reader that God searches for each and every one of us. He does not stop until we are found. He pursues us relentlessly, longing to envelop us in His love.

The theme of fathers links into the searching theme. We see fathers looking for their daughters with a passion that drives them forwards. This mirrors God’s search for us.

We sometimes let words spoken, either by ourselves or others, define us. We believe we are the labels we wear but our heavenly Father says we are so much more – we are His and we are loved unconditionally.

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Promised Land by Robert Whitlow


Promised Land by Robert Whitlow is a marvellous contemporary Christian suspense that will totally consume the reader. It is the second book in the Chosen People series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The action is fast paced and thrilling. It concerns the CIA, Mossad and the sensitive relations between the Arabs and the Israelis. The situation in the Middle East is volatile as questions of trust arise. Due to the comprehensive descriptions the reader can almost ‘feel’ the hot, sandy atmosphere tinged with suspicion. The location comes to life.

In contrast there is a slightly calmer atmosphere in America but there is still the question of homeland security.

Family is important. New lives springing up as well as families expanding with new relations. Children, their well-being and happiness are at the heart as past traumas begin to heal.

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Chosen People by Robert Whitlow

For Such A Time As This

Chosen People by Robert Whitlow is a contemporary Christian legal thriller that will have you glued and guessing from the start. Theories and counter theories will fly through your head as you try to join the dots.

The novel deals with both terrorism and homeland security. Terrorism in Israel threatens the American people. A legal team must travel to the Holy Land searching for answers.

Chosen People has a very cleverly constructed plotline that is complicated and intricate, having the reader turning this way and that for answers. There is the theme of trust. At times we trust the wrong people – or do we?

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