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Return To Virgin River by Robyn Carr

Heart Warming

Return To Virgin River by Robyn Carr is the most delightful contemporary novel about love, loss and community. It is the nineteenth book in the Virgin River series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel is about dealing with the loss of a mother. The pain is tangible as a character tries to motivate themselves to live again. There are some beautiful words from the mother, “I’ll always be with you, but I’ll be watching from a new perspective.” Loss hurts. Loss cuts to the core but we need to live and to smile again.

A hurt heart still has a huge capacity for love. An orphaned kitten and an abandoned mother dog and her pups all need love and care. Refocusing on the needs of others helps the healing process. For the reader, the addition of animals turns a house into a home. We ‘feel’ at home in the novel.

The community of Virgin River always offers a warm welcome. Strangers soon become friends. Identified needs are met. The town provides Christmas parcels for those most in need. Thanksgiving, tree decorating and Christmas are very much community events.

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