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On My Way Home by Deborah Armin

The Woman At The Well

On My Way Home by Deborah Armin is the true account of one woman’s search to fill the God-shaped hole inside her.

This book is Deborah Armin’s story from the start. The reader hears about her abusive childhood, her disastrous relationships and her search to belong. Filling her life with everything from New Age to Reike to astrology, Deborah Armin tried it all before she finally turned to Jesus.

Having found Jesus, Deborah Armin realised “it was not enough to keep repeating the patterns of the past.” God can break our strongholds. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus and do life His way. Jesus brings freedom and life in all its fullness.

We need to listen to the right voices. “You’re a loser! You’re alone. You’re trash.” This is the voice of the enemy. God’s voice is always life affirming and He will never leave us alone.

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