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The First Breath by Olivia Gordon

Never Give Up

The First Breath by Olivia Gordon is a powerful book exploring the area of fetal medicine and care for the babies in the neo natal unit. As well as examining various disabilities and the procedures and care involved. It is a heart wrenching book. The bravery of the parents is astounding. The skills of the medical professionals immense. The fight in the babies enormous.

Olivia Gordon had a premature son, Joel in 2011. He has had his fair share of health problems to overcome. It is Joel who prompted Olivia Gordon to look into and explore the world of fetal medicine.

The whole book is fascinating. The medical advances in my lifetime are huge. I take my hat off to the health professionals with their skills and knowledge.

The book includes not only Olivia Gordon’s experiences but also the personal stories of others. At the end of the book, we catch up with the children to learn how they are now doing.

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