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My Rock: Tabitha by Pat Simmons

The Pact

My Rock: Tabitha by Pat Simmons is a Christian contemporary read surrounding love, God and Alzheimer’s. It is the first book in the Caregivers series.

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease, robbing us of our loved ones bit by bit. Occasionally we glimpse the person they once were but Alzheimer’s “is hard to watch.” We grieve for what we have lost even though physically the person is still there.

My Rock: Tabitha is an emotional read. The three sisters have a pact to care for their aunt. It is too much for one person to shoulder. The sisters give “not out of a sense of duty, but… of… enduring love.” Many memories were formed in the past as the sisters all had a close bond with their aunt. Her mind may be failing but the love remains.

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