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Medical Judgment by Richard Mabry

Keeping You Guessing

MedicalMedical Judgment by Richard Mabry is a Christian thriller and I loved it. I always love Richard Mabry’s novels as they keep me guessing to the end. I never can correctly predict the ‘baddie’.

Medical Judgment deals with the theme of loss and grief. Dr Sarah Gordon has suffered a double bereavement. Police chief Bill Larson has been through a divorce. Lawyer Kyle Andrews suffered a bereavement. All of them handle loss differently. Grief makes Sarah angry at both God for failing to prevent the tragedy and husband Harry for dying (before the book opens). In her grief Sarah turned away from God and stopped going to church. “It is important after a loss… to let God back into your life.” Kyle immersed himself in work. And Bill is trying to be good and earn both the respect of his ex wife and God.

This links in with the theme of grace versus good works. Bill cannot ever be ‘good enough’ for God. None of us can. It is not about working your way into heaven. It is all about grace. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins so we don’t have to. It is by grace that we don’t deserve that we have been saved, not by good works.

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