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The Sleeping Angel by Margarita Morris

The Blue Butterfly

The Sleeping Angel by Margarita Morris is a beautiful contemporary and historical novel that had me engaged and enchanted from the start. The action is set in present day and 1870 in the form of a diary. It revolves around Highgate cemetery.

Grief takes many forms – to lose a parent is awful, to lose a child is devastating. The living need answers. Unfortunately there will always be people who prey on the desperate. This links in to the theme of trust. What happens when you suspect someone of wrong doing but no one believes you? There are also secrets that must be kept. Knowing who to trust requires discernment.

To be a single mum in 1870 was a social taboo, no matter how the child was conceived. Unmarried mothers were hidden away in homes run by Sisters. These were places of hard work at best and downright cruel at worst.

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