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Love’s Winter Hope by Naomi Rawlings

Firm Foundations

Love’s Winter Hope by Naomi Rawlings is a delightful historical romance. It is book five in the fabulous Eagle Harbor series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel deals with many themes including that of restoration. Restoration happens not only in buildings but in people too. God can restore the years the locusts have eaten. Buildings and people need firm foundations. We need to build our lives on Jesus.

The novel explores treasure. Where our treasure is, there is our heart. Treasure is not to be found in things but people – relationships. We need to build up treasure that will last. “She’d have put more effort into the things that truly mattered.” A crisis has a way of focusing our attention.

Money is important. It brings choice. When money is our focus, we have our values wrong. “I was so focused on the size of our savings.”

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