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Love’s Unfading Light by Naomi Rawlings

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Love’s Unfading Light by Naomi Rawlings is a delightful Christian historical romance which I loved. Naomi Rawlings words warmed my heart from the start as I sank into the novel.

The novel is highly amusing with warm and wonderful characters who love deeply. This love oozes from the pages, enveloping the reader. By the end, I had made new friends and I cannot wait for the second book to continue the story.

God is present throughout. Life’s knocks may mean we feel unworthy of God’s love. “He has no plan for me. He forgot about me long ago.” Life may have made us angry with God as we feel unloved and forgotten. God never forgets us. He never stops loving us and He has a plan for our lives. No matter how dark it feels, God is still there. “It doesn’t matter how dark and cold the night is, because it [God’s love] always rises again in the morning.”

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