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The Art Of Deception by Louise Mangos

Innocence vs Experience

The Art Of Deception by Louise Mangos is a complex contemporary crime drama that consumed me from the start.

The action alternates between present day and seven years earlier. The reader witnesses the build up to present circumstances. Louise Mangos has produced an intricate plotline. The novel deals with truth and lies, reality and twisted events. The reader realizes that the innocent are being set up but we are powerless to intervene. Money, power and influence talk. We long to see the underdog rise up.

A mother’s love is a powerful force. It can be used for good or ill. In its purest form it is protective and nurturing. Twisted love is not easy to watch.

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Strangers On A Bridge by Louise Mangos

At All Costs

Strangers On A Bridge by Louise Mangos is a compelling contemporary psychological thriller that draws the reader into the murky waters of the mind.

The story totally consumes as the reader sees how easy it is to travel the path from truth to lies. One little lie or omission doesn’t really matter… or does it? The foundation for truth and trust has begun to be eroded.

To what lengths would you go to, to protect your family? Family first at all costs seems to be the motto of the tale.

Do the sins of the father visit the son? Would you react differently to the same situation if you could have a do-over?

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