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In Love And War by Liz Trenow

Intersecting Lives

In Love And War by Liz Trenow is a powerful novel showing the futility of war. It was reminiscent of the film Oh What A Lovely War in that I was reminded of the utter waste of young lives on both sides.

The novel is set six months after the end of the First World War during a Thomas Cook pilgrimage to the battlefields of Belgium. Everywhere there is desolation as communities try to rebuild their lives.

At the centre is a core group… an English woman looking for her husband, an American lady looking for her brother and a German mother and son looking for her older son. They are united in grief and the devastation that loss causes. They cling on to the hope that their loved ones will be found… whilst there are no graves there is always hope as many soldiers were still wandering, lost in their minds as shell shock took over.

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