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Sister Dear by Laura McNeill

What’s Really Important

Sister DearSister Dear by Laura McNeill is a Christian thriller, and wow what a thriller it is! The twists and turns just kept on coming. Sister Dear was brilliantly written.

There are many themes within the novel and one of them is fear. Allie was in prison for ten years but is out now. She fears the reactions of the people on the outside. Likewise her sister Emma fears the disruption to her life now that Allie is out. Emma fears that Allie will want her daughter Caroline back. Caroline too, fears the future – having a Mum in prison earned her respect, having a Mum back in the community means social isolation.

Allie means to seek out the truth on the night leading to her arrest. There are several people who will prevent the truth coming out at all costs. Allie does not know who she can trust.

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