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The Hidden Women by Kerry Barrett

No Regrets

The Hidden Women by Kerry Barrett is a gripping contemporary and historical novel that will have your emotions shot to pieces.

The book celebrates the groundbreaking achievements of the first female pilots in WWII. Their bravery and courage is to be admired. They are very much modern women seeking equality with men in an age of inequality.

The Hidden Women explores the underground network of women who stood up for and helped other women, at the risk to their own liberty. Unwanted pregnancies in the war years were not uncommon, helping these women with secret adoptions and more was not. Brave women risked prison to help those with nowhere to turn. This novel is a tribute to those brave women who helped those whom society preferred to judge rather than love.

The dual timeline explores how attitudes have changed. The reader is treated to two different voices in the two time periods. Both are in the first person so we become intimately acquainted with both women and their gutsy personalities.

The women in the novel are strong in comparison with the men who seem weak and some of whom take advantage of the minors in their charge.

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