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Together By Christmas by Karen Swan

Best Friends

Together By Christmas by Karen Swan is a powerful contemporary novel about friends, fear and relationships.

Good friends are hard to come by. Some are far closer than family. There are some loyal friendships within the novel.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. A close bond between war correspondents has broken down through fear and guilt associated with PTSD. What happened on the front line is an unspoken barrier to the future as two characters are trapped in a moment in time six years earlier. The reader gets glimpses of the past through memories.

The characters are well drawn and realistic. We feel empathy and sympathy for the main character who is bound by PTSD and fear. In her nightmares, she is comforted by her five year old son. There are some touching scenes. In her realisation that life is fragile, fear rules and trust is hard to come by. She does have a huge heart that looks to help others.

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