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A Map Of The Dark by Karen Ellis

Glued And Guessing

A Map Of The Dark by Karen Ellis is a contemporary murder thriller. It is a race against time to find a serial killer as cold cases run into fresh crimes.

The reader becomes intimately acquainted with the lead FBI. We understand her fears, motivations and desire to get results.

Everyone is a unique mix of personalities and shaped by their upbringing. Childhood will make or break us. “You’ve spent your whole life trying to outrun your childhood.” We need to face our past, deal with the memories and move into our futures. Everyone is “wanting to believe… you can move forward without the past dragging you back.”

We all have scars. Some are more visible than others. There is the difficult topic of self harm. The pain inflicted helps to take the mind off a greater pain. Visible scars are a constant reminder. Like a recovering alcoholic, there is always the desire to cut again to bring relief from present pain.

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