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I Am Zion by John Eckhardt

Shout To The North And The South

I Am Zion by John Eckhardt is a powerful book packed full of godly advice and scripture to help us draw closer to God.

Zion is the place where God chooses to dwell. We want to be Zion people who have God dwelling in them. John Eckhardt tells us that Zion people have wisdom, understanding and revelation.

“We must develop a heart that desires what God desires.” Our goal is not to be like other people, our goal is to be like Jesus. We want to have a heart that beats in tune with His. We are citizens of heaven, called to walk in this world but not to be of the world. We must live with our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus.

John Eckhardt explains that Babylon was seen as captivity whereas Zion was seen as freedom, giving sacrificially and with worship and praise in their hearts.

The book shows what a Zion church looks like. It is not a building. It is a heart that passionately pursues God through prayer, worship, giving and glory. A Zion church is a church that desires to go deeper, is multi-generational and a source of life, being led by the Spirit.

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Desperate Prayers For Desperate Times by John Eckhardt

Yes And Amen

Desperate Prayers For Desperate Times by John Eckhardt is a powerful tool to help us in our prayer life. We must believe that “When we pray, He hears you.” Prayer is our lifeline to God. Prayer draws us closer to Him. John Eckhardt says “if you learn nothing else, learn how to pray.” Jesus prayed desperate prayers in the Garden Of Gethsemane. Likewise we too must learn from Him.

Prayer is our key to overcoming. When we pray, we must fix our eyes on Jesus. If we lower our eyes, we see our problems. So lift your eyes and see God.

We must persist in our prayers. We may spend years in the wilderness but the promised land is coming. If God has said He will act, then He will act but it is all in His timing.

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