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Hope In The Balance by Jim Baton

A Spiritual Battle

Hope In The Balance by Jim Baton is a contemporary Christian novel and the second book in the Hope Trilogy series. Book one needs to be read first.

Life is a spiritual battle. We do not always understand life but we need to know that there is power in prayer. When life is good – pray. When life is terrible – pray. Prayer changes hearts, minds and lives. We need to “pray with faith.” Pray believing God for an answer.

We do not need to be in a church building to be heard by God. He hears us right where we are. The church of God is the people and not the building.

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Hope Is A Dangerous Place by Jim Baton

The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever

Hope Is A Dangerous Place by Jim Baton is a thrilling Christian suspense. It is the first book in the Hope Trilogy series which promises to be exciting.

The heart of God is the focus of the novel. The reader sees how God grieves when His church loses their original purpose. We learn that we do not need a building to be a pastor. We can share God anytime, anywhere and with anyone. We are not called to go to church, we are called to be the church.

It is said that the most segregated hour in America is on a Sunday morning as there are black churches and white churches. The former are seen in the novel to be full of life. The latter are in complete contrast. In contrast also are the neighbourhoods. The black neighbourhood is in poverty whereas the white neighbourhood is wealthy. The novel reminds us that we are not to store up earthly treasures that will decay but to store up heavenly treasures that will last for an eternity.

There is a decades old crime to solve. It seems that someone wants the truth to stay hidden, but who?

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