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All My Goodbyes by Jan Cline


All My Goodbyes by Jan Cline is a Christian historical novel and the third book in the American Dreams series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The story is set from 1941- 1945 covering the war years. The reader immerses themselves in life on the home front and an airfield in Britain. Whilst this is a fictional tale, it is grounded in fact as the novel follows the experiences of the author’s family. We share the highs and lows, the fears and the loves as a family goes through the war. Fear of death is always a big factor at times of war. It seems worst for those left behind.

The reader receives a warm welcome into small town living. We share the fears of the women as war looms on the horizon. In contrast the men seem to be keen to sign up and do their bit. As a character moves to Pearl Harbor in autumn 1941, the reader feels a tension rise within and we read on with baited breath.

Having faith in God was essential. In times of uncertainty, He is the faithful One, the Rock we can rely on.

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