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House On Sand by Debby Handman

Praying Sisters

House On Sand by Debby Handman is a powerful contemporary Christian novel that looks at loss, betrayal and new beginnings. Over the whole novel is the breath of God as we witness His faithfulness to His children.

Debby Handman is not afraid to tackle the sensitive issues of adultery and betrayal. We see the pain caused and the far-reaching effects of the fall-out. “[She]was a pastor’s wife and she had her Christian pride.” We see the fear that to show weakness may affect the faith of others. “They might believe their faith in Christ was fraudulent because of [his] dual life.” Sometimes people forget their pastor is human too. They place him on a pedestal and if he falls, their foundations may shift too.

Betrayal of marriage vows shakes a character to the core. “I’m in this marriage too. Do you see me?” Self esteem is shattered. Even belief in God is questioned. “How do you pray to a God you feel has abandoned you?” God never leaves us alone. He walks beside us in our pain but we cannot always see Him. Our pain blinds us to His presence. “He’s [God] always there even in the worst storm.”

Forgiveness is the key to moving beyond our pain. Without it we risk becoming stuck in the past and growing bitter. “They are poisoned by bitterness and anger. They’ve let their own disappointments destroy any of God’s blessings.”

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