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Home To You by Erin Stevenson

Go Big Or Go Home

Home To You by Erin Stevenson is another totally Christian contemporary romance and the second book in the St Clair Family series. This novel focuses on Brandon and his family. The reader catches up with familiar faces.

Home To You deals with the subject of loss. “I keep asking why, but I never get an answer.” Sometimes life deals us blows that make no sense. We petition God for answers but He seems silent. “I’m still angry.” Anger seems to follow on from grief. Life seems lonely especially in a crowd. There is good news – God has not abandoned us. No matter what we feel, God walks alongside us. Our feelings are not a reliable gauge to His presence.

God is the God of restoration, new beginnings and second chances. He does answer our prayers but not always in the way we expect. Hs plans are so much greater than ours. Why settle for good, when we can have best?

The matchmaker becomes the angel – still in her pink converses. God uses people we know to minister to us.

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