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We Were Beautiful by Heather Hepler

Life Is Messy And Beautiful

We Were Beautiful by Heather Hepler is a contemporary novel about love and loss and friendship. It is a story that goes to the edge of the abyss and survives. It was so beautifully written and has ignited and warmed my soul.

Loss is a defining moment. “Death created a black hole that sucked everything into it. Love was one of those things that got lost.” People deal with loss differently – they run and hide, they back off, they try to be invisible. “I hope someday, you let someone in.” All these traits are seen in the novel.

We all have scars. “Deep down, everyone has something ugly or dark or painful.” Some are visible, others not. We think we deserve to keep our scars on show to remind us of what we will never forget.

A group of friends seek life. They champion the different and the underdog. They help to awaken others and watch them blossom. The friendship group warms hearts and leaves the reader smiling.

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