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The Choice by Edith Eger

Victim Or Survivor?

The Choice by Edith Eger is the true story of a concentration camp survivor who uses her experiences to help others. It is a painful read but one that also gives hope. We cannot stop the bad things from happening but “I can choose how to respond to the past.”

Our outlook to our circumstances will determine whether we survive or perish. “No one can make you a victim but you.” In the camps Edith Eger chose to focus on the good times. Her mind took her to places her body could not go. “We can’t choose to vanish the dark, but we can choose to kindle the light.”

Edith Eger survived because she held on to the positive. Her mindset was to survive today because tomorrow she would be free. Edith Eger survived Auschwitz, death marches and more camps. She clung on to hope.

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