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Divine Connection by Adah Dobele

A Life Lived With The Great I Am

Divine Connection by Adah Dobele is a wonderful book full of Godly truths and wisdom as to how to live a life connected to God. Everything Adah Dobele says is backed up by scripture. The book is punctuated with questions and suggestions as to how we can live a life in partnership with God. “All I needed to do was seek God.”

God is concerned with a relationship and not a ritual. He calls us not only to go to church on a Sunday but to be the church all week. “We must be the church seven days a week.” Our motive must always be to do the will of God. “God looks at our hearts, not the church we go to.” We cannot fool God. He looks at our inner most being.

We need to keep our eyes focussed on God. To be opened handed Christians. To receive and then go. There is a whole world that needs to hear about Jesus.

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