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Sunflowers Under Fire by Diana Stevan

Of Bravery, Courage And Resilience

Sunflowers Under Fire by Diana Stevan is an epic historical tale based on the life of the author’s grandmother in the Ukraine. The book covers the period 1915-1928. It is both fascinating and horrifying as well as being totally absorbing.

Life was hard in the Ukraine with World War I, civil war between the whites and the reds and communism under first Lenin and then Stalin. The peasants had it incredibly hard being shunted from pillar to post and back again. They had very little and what they did have, the army took from them. It was a time of great hardship.

Diana Stevan’s grandmother was resilient. She was a survivor and incredibly brave. Life was hard, food was scarce and healthcare poor. People died and families had to continue living without their loved ones.

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