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Deep Longing Of The Soul by Kari Trumbo

Anglo American Relations

Deep Longing Of The Soul by Kari Trumbo is a delightful Christian historical romance set in 1900 that will warm your heart.

The novel has the themes of faith, trust, fears and forgiveness. Our past cannot be altered, by dwelling in and living under guilt, we are not living the good life that God intended for us. We must face our fears and our guilt, forgive ourselves and move on into the future.

God can be trusted to give us just what we need, just when we need it. He will send the right people to help us at the right time. God is never early or late. His timing is perfect but not always the same as ours.

There is the theme of healing – of the body and the soul. Sometimes it is easier to mend the physical body than the spiritual one.

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