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The Red Journal by Deb Elkink

Where Is Home?

The Red Journal by Deb Elkink is a powerful epic tale of families, roots and belonging. It is part of The Mosaic Collection.

The book follows three women who are all searching for the truth. A young woman is searching for historical facts for her thesis. The other two are searching for family and fulfilment.

Family is important. We all want to be loved and to belong. Sometimes our earthly mothers let us down. We feel abandoned. Others may step in to take their place. There is a beautiful grandmother-granddaughter relationship. A grandmother’s love is unconditional. “Gram loved Libby when there was nothing in it for her.” This reminds the reader that God’s love for us is unconditional. He loves and delights in us because it is His nature to do so.

Death leaves a chasm in lives. The reader witnesses the granddaughter trying to cope by resurrecting her memories. Memories are powerful things. They can unlock a past we did not even realise we had hidden.

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