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Dead Silence by Robin Caroll

Trust Him

Dead Silence by Robin Caroll is an exciting Christian contemporary suspense that had me glued from the start.

The novel is set among the political echelons of America and the FBI. There is always a question of who to trust especially as there appears to be a leak from within. God can always be trusted even when life is tough. He sees the end from the beginning and can turn around what others meant for harm. Even when life appears to be spinning away from us we have to “believe that God was [is] in control.”

Life has dealt blows to a character meaning that they withdrew from God in anger and pain. “It’s okay to rally at Him – none of it catches Him by surprise. He can handle your questions and even your anger.” God longs to hear from us, no matter what it is that is bothering us. If it bothers us, it bothers Him. He never abandons us. If we do not hear from Him, maybe we are not listening.

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