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The Camera Never Lies by David Rawlings

The Greatest Gift

The Camera Never Lies by David Rawlings is a powerful contemporary novel about the importance of truth and integrity. As with the previous novel, The Baggage Handler, this book has the potential to change lives if we would just apply the advice given.

The Bible declares that ‘the truth shall set you free’, why then is it sometimes so hard to do? “Truth cannot simply be avoided, covered up or ignored.” Do we prefer to hide the truth because of embarrassment? Or fear? Or something else? We must be truthful because lies and secrets will destroy us sooner or later.

The novel explores the foundations of life. Have we built our houses on the Rock or sinking sand? “I think I’d die if I lost that kitchen.” Really? If our treasure is in stuff, we are in trouble. Treasure is to be found in people and God.

A marriage in trouble has far reaching effects. We need honesty to rebuild the cracks or our relationships will crash. We cannot afford to ignore or push our problems under the carpet. We need to deal with them now. We need to look “through the lens of honesty.”

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The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings

Let It Go!

The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings is a cautionary Christian tale that will have you examining your own life. It was an incredibly powerful read that if you put the lessons into practice will aid your walk with God.

We all carry baggage. We pick it up as we journey through life. “Life isn’t about what you’ve got. It’s about what you do with what you’ve got.” If we do not deal with our baggage, the weight of it will crush us.

We all have choices to make. We can choose to be burdened by our baggage or we can deal with it. “People usually collect their baggage but they’d be better off if they dealt with it.” Our burden is not ours alone, we can give it to Jesus and ask Him for help.

Are you caught in the comparison trap? “ ‘How am I doing?’ So you look around and measure yourself against everyone else.” We should never compare ourselves to others. The only person we should compare ourselves to is the person we used to be. Jesus is our standard. We want lives that reflect Him. We need to live our lives free from guilt and envy.

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