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The Seven Day Resurrection by Chevron Ross

Hard Choices And Sacrificial Love

The Seven Day Resurrection by Chevron Ross is a powerful Christian contemporary novel that intrigued and consumed me from the start. There were times when, along with the character, I did not understand what was happening but suddenly my eyes were opened in a ‘wow!’ moment – and I understood – this is such a powerful read.

We all have regrets and wish we could have a ‘do-over’. There are things we wish we had said and things we wish we had not said. If you could have a ‘do-over’, what would you change?

This is a book about love – the love of a mother for her family. Sometimes we have to make hard choices for the sake of those we love. Others will not understand but for the sake of love we must choose.

We witness a sacrificial love. It is a love that is not self-serving. It is a love that thinks only of others as we break our own hearts for the sake of those we love.

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Weapons Of Remorse by Chevron Ross


Weapons Of Remorse by Chevron Ross is an epic contemporary Christian suspense exploring the right to bear arms and gun crime in America. It is a hard read at times as people suffer at the hands of others.

The novel explores gun crime from several points of view, some with a vested interest in guns. Others have them because they have to. We see the guilt an Afghan veteran feels as his job was kill or be killed. He found no glory in war. He obtained medals but said they were “something that came from war. Nothing good ever comes from war.” This veteran walked closely with God and “was never embarrassed to talk about God and needed Him even more after Afghanistan.”

Others experience trauma too including a police officer who fired in the line of duty. Guilt riddles their lives. And then there are those who argue that it is their right to own a gun. Living in England this is an alien concept to me. I identified with those who were against owning a gun. I cannot see why anyone would want to have a gun but that is the culture I have grown up with.

We need to know God, then when the hard times come, and they will, we can lean on the Rock who never fails us. Prayer is important. Prayer is just talking to God but we receive a peace that passes understanding when we realise that God’s got a handle on our lives and nothing surprises Him.

The novel deals with guilt and forgiveness. We need to confess our sins and receive forgiveness. We need to dispense it too. Often the face in the mirror is a hard one to receive and to give forgiveness to. No one is ever too far from the heart of God. “God could love and forgive even me.” Some characters ooze forgiveness, others become angry and hard.

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