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Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor

When World’s Collide

Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor is the most marvellous timeslip novel that has lodged in my heart and soul.

The novel is set in 1916 and 2017 with a thin veil between the two. The reader is enthralled as we swap modern life for life during the middle of World War I.

The present day action is set in a crumbling building that is a mental asylum. Its methods and cruelty are something out of Dickens. It is against this backdrop that a patient longs for escape. In contrast a soldier with temporary blindness in 1916 is treated with love and care as he recuperates in hospital.

The reader alternates between the two time periods as we ‘live’ through the novel as Louisa. We ‘feel’ her despair and heartache, her desperate longing and her love. It is a love that will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves.

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