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Julie by Catherine Marshall

Prepared And Anchored

Julie by Catherine Marshall is a Christian historical classic offering a social commentary on the years 1934-35. It is the culmination of nearly ten years research. It is based on certain true events  combined with a fictional narrative. It is a marvellous epic tale that entertains and informs.

Written in the first person from the point of view of Julie, I quickly became immersed in the novel. With comprehensive descriptions I was able to ‘see’ life in a small town with its eclectic mix of characters. Reminiscent of old man Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life, I could ‘see’ the likeness of Alderton to the fictional Bedford Falls.

The novel is grounded in God. We are called to live for Him. “Once I was ready to die for Jesus Christ, I could begin to live.” We must be prepared to be the church that goes into all the world. “He’s raised some eyebrows by inviting workingmen and Negroes to church.” The church is not to be a white middle class social club. The church is for all, to enable people to “live in a state of hopeful suspense.” We are to “offer hope to the hopeless.”

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