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Under Scottish Stars by Carla Laureano

God’s Fingerprint

Under Scottish Stars by Carla Laureno is the most charming contemporary Christian novel with family at its centre.

The novel is set on the Isle Of Skye which holds a dear place in my heart as we spent our honeymoon there many years ago (pre the road bridge). The locations were familiar to me enabling me to ‘walk’ through the action.

All the characters were delightfully drawn. Carla Laureano perfectly captured the mannerisms of the young children – I loved their closeness to their mother.

Family is important. Characters lay down their personal dreams for their family. The reader witnesses selfless love in action.

What we teach our children is vital. Children learn by watching us. Sometimes they copy behaviours from us that are not what we want for them. We want our children to live free and not to be shackled by our insecurities. Likewise God wants us to live in freedom and surrender our lives to Him.

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