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The Vanished Bride by Bella Ellis

Perfect For Bronte Fans

The Vanished Bride by Bella Ellis is a cleverly thought out historical mystery and the first book in The Bronte Mysteries series. As the name suggests the action revolves around the Bronte sisters. As fact meets fiction, the reader is in for a real treat.

I am a huge Bronte fan and adore Haworth and the surrounding area. Therefore the locations were familiar to me and helped the book to come alive as I ‘lived’ through the action.

Within the novel, the Bronte sisters take on amateur sleuthing. They are three well educated, highly intelligent young women, trying to exert their presence at a time when women were seen as inferior to men. It is ironic that they need the help of Branwell Bronte to gain access to certain places. He is clearly inferior to them with his drug and alcohol dependence and yet he is accepted just because he is a male. His weak character is in contrast to his far stronger sisters.

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