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Holy Bible With Apocrypha

A Welcome Addition

Holy Bible With Apocrypha, Anglicized deluxe leatherette edition in ESV (English Standard Version) is an absolutely beautiful Bible that would be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection of Bibles.

I had not heard of the Apocrypha but it is explained in the introduction. It is a group of books that do not exist in their entirety in Hebrew or Aramaic. The reader is introduced to new names as well as the familiar of Esther (the extra content is in italics), the wisdom of Solomon, a letter from Jeremiah and Psalm 151 penned by David after he defeated Goliath. Martin Luther included some of the books in his Bible of 1534.

Scholars of both the Protestant and Catholic faith came together in 2016 to discuss the inclusion of the extra books.

The Apocrypha sits between the Old and New Testaments. It makes fascinating reading as the heart of God is revealed to the reader.

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