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Accept Me by Marion Ueckermann

Searching For Roots

Accept Me by Marion Ueckermann is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel and part of the Chapel Cove Romance series. It can be read as a stand-alone but I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces.

Marion Ueckermann always writes novels that warm and soothe the soul. She draws characters that always move into my heart.

The novel explores the impact of shifting foundations on a life. When all that felt familiar and all that we built our lives on is shaken to the core, what do we do? “If she wasn’t still angry at God, she’d have shot a prayer to heaven.” When life throws us a curve ball, we either move closer to God or further away but He never moves away from us. We need to “let heaven give you the hope you need.” God can take our anger at situations. We need to give our anger to Him and exchange it for His peace. We need to know that “even when we can’t see it, God is good.” God is faithful and He will patiently wait for our anger to subside.

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