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A Premature Apocalypse by Dan Sofer

Thrilling Conclusion

A Premature Apocalypse by Dan Sofer is an exciting Christian end times thriller. It is the third book in the Dry Bones Society series and I recommend reading the previous two books first.

The novel contains all the elements predicted to happen in the end times – wars, rumours of wars, cataclysmic happenings, political battles. As well as the dead rising. The action will keep you glued in this fast paced thriller.

There are many evil men in the world. People manipulate others and events for their own gain. Powerful countries are pitted against each other as America faces Russia with Israel caught in between.

We face enemies every day because “our enemies are lies and fear.” If others can sow fear in our hearts, we will lose sight of God. Fear cannot exist if we have faith. Our God must be, and is, bigger than our fears.

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