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A Fatal Flaw by Faith Martin

Nostalgic Crime Busting At It’s Best

A Fatal Flaw by Faith Martin is a gripping historical crime novel set in Oxford in 1960. Once again the reader gets caught up in the crime solving exploits of unlikely duo of an aging experienced coroner and a probationary WPC. The book is a thrilling read as I tried to piece together the clues to solve the crime.

This Ryder and Loveday series is a fabulous one. The books are very reminiscent of ITV’s Endeavour and Morse. Definitely a thinking man’s novel as the clues are cleverly laid out.

1960 is the dawn of a new era for women as they try to break out of their traditional roles. WPC’s are new to the force and often seen as only good for making tea and comforting women. WPC Loveday proves she has brains and ambition, much to the astonishment of her superiors.

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