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A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden

For Beatrice And Bianca

A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden is a wonderful Christian historical romance that interweaves fact and fiction. It is the first book in the Empire State series and I cannot wait for the rest.

There is an air of suspense hanging over the novel as a forty year old feud comes to a head. Grasping greed, dodgy dealings and corrupt goings on are the order of the day. They contrast with open handed, big hearted generosity and a concern for others. “I can build things to make life better for the people around me.” Life was hard for the poor in 1903 in New York City. As their lives grew tougher so unscrupulous businessmen took what little they had.

The world was changing. This is reflected in the telegraph offices of the big news agencies in New York. Innovation was the word of the day. Some preferred the age old method of carrier pigeon for security.

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