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A Cornish Christmas by Lily Graham

Hold On To Hope

cornishA Cornish Christmas by Lily Graham is a most delightful contemporary novel dealing with life and death, friendship and family, hope and fears. I absolutely adored it as I sank into its pages and was hooked from the start.

The novel is told from the point of view of Ivy. She lost her Mum five years earlier but there is still a Mum shaped hole inside her. “I needed Mum and her unshakable, unbreakable faith.” No matter how old you get, you still need your Mum.

The novel is a study in grief. It is raw and it is honest. “Death is not something you get over… all you can do is try to exist in the after.” The passing years fail to diminish the pain. “No-one tells you how grief can twist you inside out and make the simplest thing… an impossibly hard heartbreaking task.”

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