Daddy’s Girl by Michael Schnabel

Live, Love, Hope – So Inspiring

Daddy’s Girl by Michael Schnabel is a powerful book that is truly inspiring. The author wrote the
book for his grandson in order to journal his (the author) daughter’s cancer journey.

What should have been the happiest time, the birth of a grandson, became the start of a rocky road
as a cancer diagnosis was given. The future looked uncertain, but baby Caden gave his mother Steph,
a reason to fight. “Every time I worry about the cancer, I look at you (Caden) and have my reason to
keep on fighting.”

The author opened the book with: “Love is the bond that holds us together… Hope keeps us moving
forward.” This is not the journey of an individual, this is the journey of a family. Cancer does not
affect one person in isolation but affects all those who know and love that person. Sometimes the
family was fearful but they looked to God and they held on to hope.

Faith in God was strong. Despite all the tests, the health reports, and fears, not once did they
question God. “Steph has never asked, ‘why is this happening to me?’” In fact, in the midst of it all
the author declares “I whisper a thank you prayer for all the blessings we have received.” And there
were many blessings and instances of God’s provision.

This book is not a gloomy read. We hear of the cancer walk but also of life before the diagnosis as
there are snippets of happier times.

Michael Schnabel also talks much about their faith as they fix their eyes on God. He reminds the
reader that “in the presence of light, darkness recedes. Keep the faith.”

Peppered throughout are ‘life lessons’. These are nuggets of truth that can help all our lives – as we
remember to love, to forgive and to hope.

After five years of being cancer free, Steph declares “live every moment – Laugh every day – Love
beyond words.”

We also hear of others who do not survive but who were helped by Steph having walked a similar

At the end of the book is a long list of lessons learnt over the years. It is inspiring.
Daddy’s Girl is such a powerful read about an amazing family. I can really recommend it.

Incidentally 2022 was the year I walked with my husband through his cancer journey. It was a hard
year. There were tears, there was love and there was faith. Without God, I would not have had the
strength to walk through 2022 as I did. God kept us going. As did my connect group, who prayed
when I had no words to pray.

So, I stand with Michael Schnabel and I echo his words as I leave you with my favourite and most
powerful quote:
“Sometimes we don’t understand what is going on because it’s above our heads. But we must
remember, if it’s above our head, it’s still below God’s feet.”

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my


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