The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

Heart Warming

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury is a charming contemporary Christian novel showing the faithfulness and the goodness of God.

We witness the power of books to impact lives when the proprietor of a bookstore has a heart for God. His store is run on kindness until a once in a lifetime natural event threatens to derail.

What we give out, comes back to us in double portions. We can never out-give God. Sometimes we feel as if God is absent. “God, where are You?” God walks beside us every step of the way. When we look backwards we can see His hand on our lives as we “move from the pain of the past to the promise of tomorrow.”

Prayer is important. “God, if You’re really there … I think I’ll just talk to you like a friend.” Prayer is simply a conversation with God as we build a relationship together. We must remember to listen as well as to talk.

In the middle of the storms we can look to Jesus. “Jesus… give me peace.” Jesus can give us a peace that passes all understanding.

God is the God of restoration. He can redeem, restore and offer second chances.

All the characters were well drawn, likable and realistic.

The Bridge was a delightful read. I shall leave you with my favourite quote:

“Books. They connect the past and the present, the present and the future.”


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