Regent by Cher Gatto

There Is Another In The Fire

Regent by Cher Gatto is the most beautiful Christian contemporary novel. It is an original tale that has been carefully thought out and exquisitely executed. It is a work of great beauty that will sink into your heart and soul.

There is a search for a father. A character has seemingly unanswered questions as he journeys through life, feeling lost but “we aren’t in the fire alone.” Our earthly fathers may leave us but our heavenly Father will never abandon us.

Sometimes we mess up our lives. “God had given up on me the same time everyone else did.” God never gives up on anyone. He does his best work in the middle of our mess. “God’s not afraid of messes.” God changes our messes into masterpieces.

Within the novel there is the theme of painting. Painting is a gift from God. We are to use it to glorify God.

Life sends people across our path to whom we feel a connection. We make bonds and feel lost when we are parted.

The leading character elicits feelings of love and care from the reader. We care about his treatment and where he is going. We long for him to succeed. We feel a connection to him.

Regent was truly beautiful. It sank into my very being. I absolutely loved it. It is totally unique and it took my breath away with its beauty. Sooth your soul today and buy a copy of Regent.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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